Let's be honest.

You need to know your profits to make smart business decisions...


...but you don't need to do it yourself. 

But let's be honest, these task are below your pay grade...

This is why you need a bookkeeper.



Not Ready For A Bookkeeper...


Have questions? Are you feeling stuck and not seeing any growth, but need a bit of guidance?


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I take the weight off your shoulders by handling your bookkeeping needs every month. You will be updated monthly to be shown where your money is going, how to increase profits and really see how your business is doing. 

Mercedes Vidales

Owner, The Wax Scene

"Cristal has been my bookkeeper for 2 years now. These past two years I can truly say they have been the best in business. Cristal has helped my business grow financially, and has helped me as well grow as a business owner. She not only keeps my business finances in order, but she helps me strategize to reach my business goals!"

Jackie Rodman

Owner, Skinfinite 

Cristal has been such an essential asset to my business! When starting out I didn’t have a clue how to do my bookkeeping and tracking and keeping everything organized, and she took the time to explain everything very thoroughly and has been able to correct all of my mistakes! She also has gone above and beyond just helping with my bookkeeping, she has also been my biggest cheerleader and support system! She gives honest business advice and has given me the best recommendations with payments, helping me use square, retail, banking, etc. I don’t know what I would do without her and I am so grateful for her attention to detail and how personable she has been! Highly recommend!!!

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